Tsipouro Barrel Aged Rye

Tsipouro Barrel Aged Rye

Proof: 94

Bottle Size: 375


100% organic Dark Rye from Grain Millers, Eugene

Mash Bill:

100% Rye

Barrel Type: Used Tsipouro Barrel


We are excited about this release, though our enthusiasm is dampened by the small volume of bottles we expect to produce.

On our 1oth anniversary (now two years ago) we released a special rye that was aged in Tsipouro barrels.  Tsipouro (see elsewhere on our website) is a barrel-aged grappa that is flavored with anise and spearmint.  It was a treat.

So we did it again-  this time there were two small Tsipouro barrels and 6 months back, we re-filled them with a Rye, now 4 years old.  We’ve bottled 148 bottles at 94 proof in 375 ml size.  Available as of November 27.

Cocktails Using Tsipouro Barrel Aged Rye