Oregon Prune Liqueur

Oregon Prune Liqueur

Proof: 60

Bottle Size: 375 ml

Ingredients: Brooks plums, Brooks prunes, organic cane sugar, vanilla.

Availability: Available in our tasting room and in liquor stores.

Adapting  a traditional recipe from Italy, we’ve created a dark and luscious spirit from perfect fruit.  The plums and prunes we make the brandy and the liqueur are from the same single-orchard trees in Dayton, on the slopes of Oregon’s coastal range. Mashed, distilled & bottled in Portland, Oregon by Stone Barn Brandyworks.

Description: Thick, dark, aromatic and rich. An unexpected pleasure on the palate.

Cocktail Uses: The prune liqueur is great in warm drinks, as a base for amaro or whiskey cocktails.

Cocktails Using Oregon Prune Liqueur