Straight Rye Whiskey Barrel #47

Straight Rye Whiskey Barrel #47

Proof: 90

Bottle Size: 375 ml and 750 ml

Barrel Number: 47

Mash Bill: The mash bill is 60% organic dark rye from Bob's Red Mill, 28% Washington -grown spelt, and the balance stone-ground corn and wheat.

Barrel Type: Kelvin Cooperage, from Kentucky, #3 char

Availability: Available now.

Barreled this grain-to-glass whiskey in 2015- a time capsule that slept through the last 5 crazy years and emerged spicy, smooth and delicious.

Cocktails Using Straight Rye Whiskey Barrel #47

We don't have any cocktails using this spirit yet. Please email us if you have a suggestion!