Hope to see you at this event!  During Stone Barn's cocktail presentation Sebastian will be talking about bitters and their use in creating aromatic and flavorful drinks.

Save the date- Friday April 10 at 8 pm!

Stone Barn will be hosting a musical performann the distillery!
Event is 21 and older.
Tickets are $15.00 either in advance or at the door.
For more information call 503-341-2227 
or email degens@stonebarnbrandyworks.com
RSVP same contact info above.

From ancient monasteries in Armenia to festivals throughout Europe, Bet Williams and John Hodian have been creating and performing music together for over 20 years. With the globe trotting world music ensemble “Epiphany Project”, the alt-rock “Bet Williams Band”  and the Armenian "Naghash Ensemble" the music these two artists create is a vast quilt of influences and inspirations.
From Qawwali devotional songs to Appalachian Folk, acoustic blues and Tuvan throat singing, singer/songwriter Bet Williams uses her voice in an endless number of unusual ways. John Hodian’s piano playing features haunting melodies and intricate rhythms that reflect his Armenian roots and love for improvisation. Together their music is a blend of ancient and modern cultures but the earthy rhythms and chant-like melodies make it strangely familiar. This concert will be particularly special as they will be performing with their 11 year old son Jack, on drums and percussion.

Our tasting menu now includes  a special edition of our Straight Rye Whiskey. The mash bill is 100% stone-ground rye from Bob's Red Mill. After distillation the whiskey aged two years in toasted American oak barrels.  It was then finished for two months in a barrel that previously held Hair of the Dog's "Cherry Adam from the Wood", a dark and strong ale aged on local cherries.

To quote Stone Barn distiller Andy Garrison, "the deep cherry and dark chocolate from Adam are a good fit with the spicy, drier character of our rye."

We just returned from east coast snowfall.  Andy manned the fort at Stone Barn solo in our absence. We look forward to re-entering the world of Portland spirits at the tasting room this weekend!