Quince Liqueur Ready!!!!

This year's Quince Liqueur had four fruit sources:  Orchards of Oregon in Wilsonville, with the bonus of a chestnut tree grove we got the okay to scavenge; a woman desperate to have her quince put to good use - I obliged and picked the tree in her backyard, careful to avoid falling into the swimming pool next to my ladder; our friend from Plum Tree, who uses our Quince Liqueur in her Quince Jam connected us with a dwarf  tree owner in NE Portland- we didn't even need a ladder! and lastly, our favorite, the tree near our old house, where we are grandfathered in as pickers.

I will be tasting and doing bottle sales of the Quince at the PSU Saturday Farmers Market on November 4 and at King Market November 5, and the liqueur is also available in our tasting room.  

Fall is the time to distill as much as possible....

The still is running 10-14 hours per day, seven days a week, cranking out brandy.  We have been picking quince at dusk, the steam from the simmering fruit spices the air at Stone Barn on Pershing Street.  The Bartlett pears are fermenting into a potent mash.  We are pulling from our barrels and blending, proofing, bottling. 

Fall is the time where harvest collides with the itinerant storms that seem to increase the thirst for brandies and sipping whiskies. 

We've been escaping to Winter's Hill in wine country, up atop the Dundee Hills- tasting brandies and finishing off with a bottle of estate-grown Pinot.

Today we were visited by Hai Nguyun and his running group-  while others sampled pinot gris and our nocino, Hai took some awesome pictures in the winery.  Photo's courtesy of Hai Nguyun.

We'll be back in December on 12-9 for Winter's Hill's Holiday Bazaar!

Fall comes with Star Crimson Liqueuer

We've been across the aisle from each other for several months now at the Portland Farmers Market. During peach season we purchased 15 cases of delicious, juicy peaches  from their stand to make a barrel of Peach Rock & Rye for next year.  A few weeks later, gorgeous Star Crimson Pears.

We made the Star Crimson Pear liqueur in September at 40 proof in 375 ml bottles.  We are only selling these at the Farmers Markets and at our tasting room.  The Star Crimson pears come from Packer Orchards in Hood River.   Established in 1924, Packer Orchards is a 4th generation sustainable family farm, farming over 100 acres across the valley.

The spirit for the liqueur is a Bartlett Pear brandy which we make from fantastic pears grown in the Willamette Valley by EZ Orchards, another family farm with a long history in the Salem area.  The first bins of this year's crop are ripening in our shop and will be mashed to make more brandy for the coming year.

Star Crimson Pear Liqueur- $30.00 per bottle.  Perfect for pear martinis, pear bellinis, pear sidecars.

Hand-picked Peach Rock & Rye

Peach Rock & Rye- released Sept 9
And now for something a bit different..... Stone Barn is releasing a Peach Rock & Rye.    Rock & Rye is a whiskey-based liqueur that was more common pre-prohibition, rock candy being used to improve a lesser rye perhaps.  From what we've read, it was sometimes spiced to improve its palatability,

We liked the name and felt we could work within the Federal classification scheme with our own new & revised rocking interpretation.

Erika picked several hundred pounds of peaches at the top of the season last year. We washed & cut the peaches, then shoved them into the bung holes of two oak barrels. We added our organic rye and then it aged for a year.  Earlier this summer, we filtered, racked, and settled the spirit, then blended the minimum amount of organic cane sugar to make it fit the classification.  It does rock!-   bottled at 76 proof and released today, we hope you like it.

Some drink ideas:  Juleps, sours- This weekend we are going to experiment with a spicy take on peaches using Ancho Reyes, a Mexican ancho pepper liqueur gifted by a friend.

Strawberry Mojitos during Distillery Row Cocktail Crawl

This month's cocktail crawl was a benefit for a local non-profit- Feed the Mass, which provides hands-on cooking education to help lower income people improve their knowledge and skills in making healthy food.  Chef Jacob came early and met several customers today, and then started circulating to the other distilleries.  Was fun on a hot day-

For our take on a mojito, we used our strawberry liqueur, and unaged rye whiskey, and an added twist of cascara (coffee cherry) simple syrup.

Stone Barn Strawberry Mojito:

  • two parts strawberry liqueur
  • one part unaged rye whiskey
  • one part lime juice
  • one part cascara simple syrup (scant)
  • mint leaves 


  • Muddle mint leaves in a shaker, with liquid ingredients
  • add ice, shake vigorously
  • strain into a glass, and garnish with mint

100% Rye- Barrel #36 released!

Barrels at night during recent dancing event in our barrel room
We recently sold out of the Smoked Wheat whiskey, and just released our next barrel- Barrel 36- - a 3 year 100% Rye.  This rye was made in May/June of 2014 and barreled on July 2, 2014 in a #3 charred oak barrel from Black Tiger Cooperage in Higbee, Missouri.  The Rye is 100% organic dark rye sourced from Bob's Red Mill.

The Rye is being bottled at 90 proof in both 375 ml and 750 ml bottles.  it is available at the tasting room and at the markets we attend.

Now we are aging Nocino in the Black Tiger Rye barrel!
Strawberry Liqueur released at PSU Market today!

We made 171 bottles of strawberry liqueur this season using Hood and Shucksan strawberries from the Willamette Valley.

The liqueur captures the sweetness and aroma of the berries.  We recommend enjoying this in a Strawberry Mojito, a sparkling Prosecco cocktail, or on a Strawberry Shortcake.  Like the short season of these berries, the aroma and beautiful garnet color doesn't linger- we recommend enjoying the liqueur quickly, definitely  within 6 months and refrigerate after opening.     

Bottled at 20% abv (40 proof)
Ingredients: Strawberries, fruit spirits, organic cane syrup

Oregon Distillers Festival Saturday at Edgefield

The event is from 4-7 PM at McMenamins Edgfield .

I will be serving a different drink each hour (while they last):

Aprikosa Toscana- a combination of apricot liqueur, amaro from Tuscany, and spot of effervescence.
Sparkiling Nocino-  our Gold-Medal winning Nocino with a touch of Prosecco
Stone Barn Cul-de-sac- french barrel-aged apple brandy, with fresh lemon, oregeat, and a touch of our own anisette.

We still have two passes for the event- call me at (503) 775-6747 and I can put two people on the guest list.

Makers Happy Hour Friday June 2 from 4 til 7 pm at Alma Chocolate 1323 SE 7th Avenue

Stone Barn will be bringing a selection of spirits to sample solo or in vetted pairings with Alma confections.  Here is the line-up:
  • Nocino (Green Walnut Liqueur) with classic Pistachio Truffle
  • Haskap Liqueur paired well with several- the Classic Truffle, Lavender Caramel & Hazelnut Cherry Toffee
  • Rhubarb Liqueur with Classic Truffle
  • Quince with Rosewater Caramel
  • Apricot with Classic Truffle and Peanut Butter Bar
  • Wheat Whiskey with Toffee, Coffee Bar, Milk Almond Bar
  • Pear Brandy with Classic Truffle, Salty Nutty Toffee Bar
AND- Alma is concocting a bon bon featuring our Nocino, which will also be available for tasting.
AND Heritage Cheese will also be sampling their creamy offerings!

Distilllery Row Passport can now be purchased on-line

The Distillery Row Passport is a convenient and fun way to visit 11 distilleries in SouthEast Portland and 3 in the northwest.  There is a bonus 12 th distillery included in the electronic version.  Interested?  Buy it here now:  DISTILLERY ROW PASSPORT