Eastside Ouzo is available!

A few years ago a bartender from Zaytinya, a Greek restaurant in Washington, D.C.  sampled our Eastside Ouzo and straight away purchased all the bottles we had left.  When we visited him later, we were treated to a smashing drink and fantastic small plates.  Over cocktails, he wondered how the ouzo would be if it were barrel aged.

It has been on our mind.  Last year we put away a small barrel and just broke into it.  Great idea, he was right! Please come by Stone Barn to try this 80 proof anise-rich spirit.  The ouzo is made from Hip Chicks do Wine pinot gris pomace and has aged in a 30 liter French oak barrel for one year.

Robadas, sliced so perfectly by Rich at our summer Chop Party, have the best flavor of all the apricot varieties we have tried.  A newly made batch of  Biggs Junction Apricot Liqueur is now available for sampling and purchase at our tasting room.

An Argument

I've oft been told by learned friars,
  That wishing and the crime are one,
And Heaven punishes desires
  As much as if the deed were done.

If wishing damns us, you and I
  Are damned to all our heart's content;
Come, then at least we may enjoy
  Some pleasure for our punishment!

Thomas Moore (1779-1852)

Don't think Mr. Moore was talking to his bottle, but the argument holds.

We're busy working on a Whiskey Revolution project with our 5 Distillery Row friends- each of us making a barrel of whiskey from the same mash (100% PNW-grown malted 2 row barley).  Barreling is scheduled for Sunday June 22.  We'll be comparing the whiskies over time to explore our distinct distilling styles.