Stone Barn joins First Thursday tonight, October 1, at Portland Made downtown!


Stone Barn will be at Portland Made, 425 SW 11th, from 6:15 pm- 8:00 pm on First Thursday, October 1, 2015, offering the first tastes of this year's Star Crimson Pear Liqueur, as well as our Straight Oat American Whiskey! You will be able to sample the spirits, and bottles will be available to purchase.

Event Friday, 9/25 at Bushwacker Woodlawn

Bushwacker Cider Woodlawn location is featuring our apple brandy tonight in a special cocktail hour, with a custom cocktail and munchies for the occasion. Erika and Sebastian will be on hand to talk about brandy, answer any questions about our operation, and offer complimentary samples of our Apple Brandy, Coffee Liqueur, and Cranberry Liqueur.

The event is from 6-9 pm at 901 NE Oneonta Street.

Peach Liqueur Release!

Last year we were approached by Grossen Peaches in Hillsboro to create a spirit using their peaches. The project has finally come to fruition and we are offering the Peach Liqueur to taste and purchase at the distillery as of today, September 4th.

The liqueur has our rye whiskey as its alcohol base, blended with juice from the peaches.  There was an infusion and two distillations involved in the process, but I won't indulge in a blow by blow. Suffice to say the result is a light pink 48 proof liqueur with the bite of rye, the delicacy of peach, and the addition of a minimal amount of organic cane sugar syrup for a touch of sweetness.

Height of Summer

Comice ripening at EZ Orchards
It is hot out.  In the valley, the pears are getting good and ripe, yellow jackets circling the down fruit in the field.  Wheat is being cut, sunflowers abound, 3 digit days. The vineyards are lush in the Eola Hills, but grapes still green and hard.  We've bottled the last of the Bartlett until the new crop is in, and we're between whiskey barrels.                                                                     We took a drive through Carlton, Yamhill, Independence, Monmouth to a wonderful wedding on a bend of the Willamette.  It was our anniversary too.   Camping in the floodway, lanterns at dusk, hard to imagine a spring freshet that would inundate the meadow and trees.  

Wedding band on break

chain harrow behind the shed

Back in Portland,  Erika is at a farmers market and I must develop a cocktail for the tasting room. Last week we served an Apricot-Plum Smash.  Today a coffee drink (TBD) to keep the heart racing.

Apricot Plum Smash

  • 2 ripe plums, cut up (they don't need to be from our tree)
  • 1 1/2 oz apricot Liqueur
  • 1 oz unoaked rye whiskey
  • one good shake Angostura Bitters
  • Ginger beer to top the glass

And how you do it:
  1. Mash the plums at the bottom of a cocktail shaker with a muddler
  2. Add spirits, bitters, and ice
  3. Shake hard
  4. Strain into a glass with ice because it's pretty pulpy, but the ice is welcome on a hot day
  5. Top with ginger beer and a lemon twist