Stone Barn is excited to participate in the upcoming  Brewstillery Festival hosted by Stormbreaker Brewing!! On Saturday, February 28th from 12 pm- 10 pm  we will join eleven other local distilleries and 18 local breweries to offer attendees intriguing couplets of beer and spirits. Some brewers created beers for a specific spirit, and there was also cross pollination regarding use of each other's barrels and trial of unorthodox aging strategies.

We are lucky to partner with both The Commons Brewery and Hair of the Dog, and to have the opportunity to showcase the versatility of our products in the company of such excellent beer. Our Andy Garrison ran with this project, subjecting himself to needed alcoholic experimentation.

We will pair our Quince Liqueur with The Commons Brewery's Citrus Myrtle - the tangy floral flavor of the quince complements the Meridian hopped, tart farmhouse ale finish replete with Buddha's Hand and Hatian orange peel.

Our pairing with Hair of the Dog was fated- Hair's Cherry Adam from the Wood and our Straight Rye Cherry Adam- our 100% stoneground organic dark aged rye, aged two years in new oak, and finished in the Cherry Adam barrel, This treatment allowed our rye to gain a complexity from the barrel's former tenant, a strong ale aged with locally grown black cherries which in turn absorbed some qualities from the barrel's original use as a bourbon cask.

For more details about the event, and to purchase tickets please visit Brewstillery Festival.

StormBreaker Brewing Beer & Spirits

We just returned from east coast snowfall.  Andy manned the fort at Stone Barn solo in our absence. We look forward to re-entering the world of Portland spirits at the tasting room this weekend!

Our tasting menu now includes  a special edition of our Straight Rye Whiskey. The mash bill is 100% stone-ground rye from Bob's Red Mill. After distillation the whiskey aged two years in toasted American oak barrels.  It was then finished for two months in a barrel that previously held Hair of the Dog's "Cherry Adam from the Wood", a dark and strong ale aged on local cherries.

To quote Stone Barn distiller Andy Garrison, "the deep cherry and dark chocolate from Adam are a good fit with the spicy, drier character of our rye."

Happy New Year!!!!

We are open til 3 today for some rhubarb or quince to spruce up that midnight champagne toast.