This is a great opportunity to stock up your liquor cabinet, do some early holiday shopping, and support local distillers and local businesses.  
You will be able to to sample and purchase bottled spirits from Stone Barn, as well as the other 6 distilleries who make up the Row: New Deal DistilleryHouse SpiritsEastside DistillingVinn DistilleryRolling River Spirits and Wild Roots Vodka–all in the Grand Ballroom at the Melody
Also on hand will be samples and goods for sale and sampling from several of Portland’s artisan businesses, including Alma Handmade ChocolatesCardamom Hills Trading CoAlesia Zorn Calligraphy and EngravingLovejoy BakersOlympic ProvisionsPortland Bitters ProjectMasala PopMarshall’s Haute SaucePortland CreamerySalt & Straw Ice Cream, Smashed! Boozy Jams & Jellies, Pok Pok Som Drinking VinegarsNW CigarsSage & Sea FarmsMarigold Coffee, Unique Gardens, and MeeMees Goodies.

Admission is free. No registration required. Drop-ins welcome. However, if your register on Eventbrite you'll be entered into raffle with chance to win two NEW 2015 Distillery Row Passports!
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The quince is as hard to cut as ever but the liqueur is worth it!

   Come in for a taste of newly bottled quince...............

Whiskey News November 2014

We're doing a few things on the whiskey front-  Hoppin' Eight Barrel 12 just sold out-  so we released Barrel 13! .  Its a 2.5 year old Rye with  wheat and pilsner malt.  We'll be bottling in two batches,  about 150 bottles total.  There's another barrel of the Pilsner rye just after this one, but perhaps we'll give it another year.....

Andy Garrison is working on a few special projects-  He's taken a two year old Rye from our stock, and is finishing it in a grizzled bourbon barrel filled with the fruity remains of Hair of the Dog's Cherry Adam.  We're expecting the dark cherry to add a special touch to the rye.  Hoping for a Christmas release in 375 ml shorty bottles, but it depends on the TTB approval of our label.

Tasting room offers more hours as we are almost constantly there-  working fruit this fall season and bottling for our new distribution in the State of Washington thanks to King Beverage.  Call Erika to see if we are there (503) 341-2227.