Hoppin Eight Aged Whiskeys from Stone Barn Brandyworks

Hoppin Eight Aged Whiskeys from Stone Barn Brandyworks

Our Hoppin Eights whiskies is a generic label for our aged 90 proof american whiskies 2 plus years old.  Each  Barrel release is a bit different, To read about the particulars, details are listed by barrel below.

Barrel # 13a- Released November 11, 2014.  53% Rye, 40 % wheat, and 7 % German Pilsner Malt.  All organic grains.  All but the first 5 bottles chill filtered.  30 gallon barrel, heavy toast, aged 2.5 years.  We’ll be bottling in two batches, likely have about 150 bottles.

Barrel # 12-  Released October 2014.  (sold out) This one is a two year old mixed grain , Rye and oat with a touch of spelt and pilsner malt thrown in. Chill filtered.  Small toasted barrel- 58 numbered 750 ml bottles produced.

Barrel #10(No Longer Available)  Released mid-June 2013-  20 months in a new 30 gallon Michigan barrel, medium toast.  Its a blend of grains- 48% rye, 27% oat and 25% spelt. The rye and the spelt are organic.  We’ve bottled 50 fifths and it is available in a filtered and an unfiltered version.  There are more to be bottled in the barrel, but due to space constraints the bottling will be done in phases.  As soon as the barrel is empty, we’ll be filling it up with a pinot noir fortified wine for some additional barrel aging.

Barrel #9 (SOLD OUT)  Released March 17, 2013- 36 bottles produced, but then we refiltered and had a meltdown of the filter which ruined 7 bottles worth- Que Lastima!  There might be a shot or two left behind the bar at the Night Light Lounge on Clinton.  60% Rye, 27% Oat, 13% wheat.   Single distillation, aged two years in a Missouri oak barrel coopered in the Okanagan region of Canada.

Barrel #8 (SOLD OUT)  Released January 1, 2013.  47 bottles produced.  100% Organic Spelt grown in Washington State.  Single distillation, aged 18 months in a previously used (for whiskey) 30 liter Limousin French Oak Barrel.  Spicy, some chocolate notes.

Barrel #7 (SOLD OUT), released November 2012.  57 bottles produced. 100% Organic Dark Rye, double distilled and aged 18 months in a 12 gallon new American Oak barrel.

Barrel #6– (SOLD OUT) This one was half rye and half oat.  Those that got it, liked it.  We’ll do it again.

Barrel #5– (SOLD OUT) Can’t remember the details.  We’ll add them later.

Barrel #4(SOLD OUT) Released April 2012- 59 bottles produced.  100% Organic Dark Rye, double distilled and aged 16 months in a 12 gallon new American Oak barrel.

Barrel #3 (SOLD OUT) Released February 2012- 52 bottles produced. Blend of Organic Wheat (60%), Organic Dark Rye (30%), German Organic Pilsner Malt. A mix of two barrels, one French Oak, and the other American Oak.

Barrel #2(SOLD OUT) Released January, 2012- 30 bottles produced.
100% Organic Spelt grown in Washington State. Aged 14 months in 6 gallon American Oak (new)
Dr. Hageman introduced us to a new, 6 month, and 24 month old spelt whiskey. Spelt has a wonderful warmth, deep color to match, and a long-lasting bright flavor on the palate, reminiscent of an Irish whiskey.

Barrel #1 (SOLD OUT) Released December 2011- 72 bottles produced.
Blend of Wheat (60%), Rye (30%), Barley Malt. Aged 14 months in  American Oak (new)
We were aiming to make something close to a Canadian Blended whiskey without using the ‘blenders’.

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